About the Rue

No matter where my career path has led me, photography has always been a piece to my puzzle.  I had the unique opportunity to go to school during a time in which the photography landscape was still very much ruled by darkrooms and chemicals, with digital the new guy on the scene.  Much like my childhood, I had the benefit of an analog upbringing, with an adulthood shaped by a digital world.

I describe my photographic style as vibrant and moody.  Not one to shy away from colors and the power of their saturation, I embrace the palette around us.  Whether shooting in direct sunlight or working in the wee moments left during blue hour, my personal style is all about dropped blacks with detail and highlights deployed in just the right places.

I look forward to bringing your moments to life, captured with my signature eye & style.

Jessica Poole Hardy


The Rue


Photography & design has always been a part of me, let my style invigorate your world.

15+ years photography experience

Campaign concept & execution for brands like Movado, Davids Bridal & Keurig

Specializing in Lifestyle, Commercial, Portraiture & Family photography

International educator with upcoming three-week conference in France April 2020

Straight out of school I was hand selected to work at one of Miami’s top professional print labs.  From there I headed to New York City working for other top professional darkrooms as well as a short stint within world renown photographer Norman Jean Roy’s personal print lab.  Throughout my experience I have been able to work hand in hand with high end print magazines the likes of Vogue to Architectural Digest as well as many of the world’s top photographers.  While the lab is a wonderful place to be, behind the camera creating is where I belong.