Beautiful Dream

Editorials are perhaps the most creative of photographic domains. An editorial, by definition, tells a story about the subject that is being photographed and the environment around them. Editorials are typically visually striking, especially in a way that evokes high fashion. The beauty to a great editorial is their ability to look almost effortless in their ability to generate emotion and draw in the viewer. There is a story behind each image, a narrative that speaks all on its own without ever uttering a single word. Whether used for a magazine, the purpose of education or even a creative personal portrait, editorials are an artistic love letter to the portrait genre.

The Creative Process


The Concept

The moment an editorial session is booked, the creative process begins. A discovery conversation will illuminate goals, artistic direction and overall design of the shoot. During this call we’ll discuss any creative ideas you have, location possibilities, as well as anything else you might want to cover. This conversation will open up a dialogue that will give you the opportunity to articulate your vision. Working together, we will craft a firm understanding of what you hope to achieve and allow us to put the necessary pieces in place.


The Styling

Once we have a solid vision, I will work with you to pull together the necessary styling to bring your vision to fruition. I love the opportunity to be as involved as you wish during this step in the process. Whether its erecting an entire set for a session or simply styling oneself, I am happy to be as hands on, or off, as needed. Likewise, some ideas are bigger than others and require additional vendors to create. I can leverage my relationships to act as liaison to bring on the necessary teams.


The Production

The last step in the process is the shoot itself. With creative direction in hand and a chosen shoot date, I will work to secure the necessary location for the session. Once on set, the magic can flow. During the shoot, I will work to calm any nerves, allowing your personality to shine through. After the session, I will get to work editing the images, ultimately delivering you a digital gallery of gorgeous imagery where you will be able to download the files as well as order any printed needs that you might have.


Close your eyes and imagine your wildest dream. That's when an editorial springs to life.

To observe is to capture an image in one’s mind that illuminates what others might not see. To photograph is to document a moment, an intricacy, that allows us to discern something about the subject without ever speaking. It is through this process that we move to understand one another, who we are, why we do, and perhaps even what we hope. There is a beauty to know a bit about someone without ever sharing a word, much like nodding hello to a stranger as you walk down a street.