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Enchantment At Willowwood Arboretum

Jessica Poole

Professional Photographer

I’m so glad you have found us.  Consider discovering the Rue like an extension of your circle.  The beauty to Rockland Rue is not just in the skill, but the diversity of what we can do.  Photography may be our first love but it is certainly not our only.  Whether working with a major brand on a new campaign, or slowing down the pace to capture a local family session, we relish each opportunity.  Capturing moments in a beautiful way is simply one piece to the whole.  Creative direction and styling play an integral role in what makes a good concept & photo, phenomenal.  For those looking to elevate their sessions, Rockland Rue is uniquely positioned to work with you on styling & design.  We love working together to conceive the perfect theme, direction, and style to any concept, through simple clothing choices to overall set design and hand crafted floral creations.  I look forward to connecting with you, discovering your hopes and goals, working together to bring those memories to life through photography.


I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to have been surrounded by creativity in a variety of forms since childhood.

From a mother who restored old homes with her bare hands, a father who as a doctor saw the beauty to the human form, to my cousin who is an internationally known artist & current art director at Ohio University.  These are just a few of the people who have inspired the creativity that lives inside of me.  Its through their love for what they do that has brought out the passion in my own work.  I remember my very first photograph, a time my parents asked me take their photo on a horse back riding trip.  From the very moment I pressed the shutter button I was hooked… this was my art. 

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Every good story begins with an idea. Much in this same way, every shoot with Rockland Rue begins with the same careful consideration given to weaving a story. Once booked, a kickoff call will occur with myself, providing a platform for everyone to articulate their vision, hopes and goals for the shoot. Whether its simple styling and location advice or a more complex assembly of vendors to achieve the goal, we’ll be hand in hand with you all along the way. On the day of the shoot, we’ll do our best to ease any nerves while capturing the most incredibly imagery. After the shoot, we’ll get to work culling, editing and curating the most gorgeous collection of images from your session, delivered to you via online gallery. From here you’ll be able to download images, as well as order prints and albums.

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What she captured was way beyond our expectations, images to treasure forever. She was warm, kind and utterly amazing to watch working with Ali and Hailey. The girls fell in love with her instantly. While capturing their bond she also picked up on their little quirks and differences. The intensity and emotion was fierce. She didn’t try to make my girls into princesses. Don’t get me wrong she captured the beauties that my daughters are, but she also grasped their strength and wisdom beyond their years.

Janine Banfield

I think she sees things that most photographers don`t always see. If you are looking for an artist who can capture moments and tell your story through images, Jessica Poole is the talent that you are looking for. Her work is poetic and sensual... We are extremely impressed and in love with her work. You will be, too.

Jiri Suda
Jiri Suda Designs, Founder

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