Chelsea + Nikhil

Olive Park Engagement Session

Nothing more gorgeous than nature as she highlights the beauty of love

While in the historic city of Chicago, we had the good fortune to carve out time to spend with Chelsea and Nikhil for their engagement session. These two genuine sweethearts were a total dream to capture. Any nervousness was easily swept away as they found reassurance in each others arms. We wanted to tie a city that they love together with the special moments that they share between them.  To achieve this we meet for a stroll down Chicago’s rambling Riverwalk, a locale that provided endless opportunities. 

Upon our completion of Riverwalk, Chelsea & Nikhil did a quick change of ensemble and ventured into Olive Park for the most dreamy of late summer sunsets.  This incredible green oasis, set along the shores of Lake Michigan, offers up the most divine cityscape backdrops.  Taking advantage of those gorgeous backdrops, we ventured down the lakeside promenade, as the setting sun really put on quite the show of force.  Golden hues warmed the sky while bold rays of light danced between the buildings.  It felt as if the honey hued sky was on display just for them.

Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.