Enchantment At

Willowwood Arboretum

Overflowing botanicals & patinated greenhouses


Willowood Arboretum is the kind of location that inspires from the moment you step upon its soil. Nestled deep into New Jersey, this incredible botanical oasis features multiple weathered wood structures, a dreamy patinaed greenhouse and rambling gardens overflowing with life.

For this lifestyle shoot, we wanted to evoke a feeling of ethereal dreaminess while featuring modern trends. Something that would paint a picture clearly all while telling a story. Early morning light reflected beautifully off of the surrounding glossy greens, giving off he most delicious of highlights. Whether working through the greenhouse or romping on a wood terrace, the romantic indifference is almost too much to bear.

Wonder is the heaviest element on the periodic table. Even a tiny fleck of it stops time.

A not so secret love of mine is to photograph anything botanical. I can’t quite say what it is, but there is something about capturing the beauty of the organic elements, toying with the depth of field, to paint a picture. Often a wash in a palette of mixed greens and feminine tones, the ability to use light and darkness to inject balanced masculinity is intoxicating. Whether floral or otherwise, I love detail shots such as in the gallery below, as they are as important to the story as those of the main characters.

When we came upon the greenhouse at Willowwood my inner child yelped with glee. Moving around the room with Gianna was like a dream, each new corner offering a different, unique perspective. The patinated ‘decay’ to the metal working added this incredible textural layer that you simply won’t find under any other circumstances. The levers and mechanisms controlling the greenhouse were some of my favorite pieces. Each of these elements allowed a story to unfold, proving yet again location is everything.