Jiri Suda Designs

Tulum, Mexico

Your own personal tropical oasis...

A short jaunt down the Yucatan Peninsula, nestled right along the coastline, is a gorgeous little town called Tulum. One of the many beauties to Tulum is how it seamlessly blends old traditions, forward-thinking eco-chic design, and delectably modern amenities. Tulum also hosts a very fostering atmosphere for talent, be it in the incredible cuisine on every corner or that ultra-cool fashion design that dots the beach boutiques.

Jiri Suda is one such designer that has found a home in Tulum. Her designs are elevated and sophisticated, the very kind that makes you want to get dressed in the morning. Her choices of fabrics and finishings make for perfect beachwear, allowing the wearer to embrace the climate around. When we shot this mini collection for Jiri, we wanted to highlight the lush green to Tulum and how it marries so magically with the villas along its shores. True to any nautical locale, the weather started off showcasing a moody front, ending in palm leaf parsed sunshine. The feel we were able to capture is that of classy elegance, something no resort seeker should be without.


Jiri Suda

If I've learned anything, it's always choose the tropical adventure.