The Magnolia Sessions


A sea of white blossoms dotted with rich bold pinks dance all around

Could there be a more magnificent thing than the sprawling beauty of an ancient Magnolia tree? Arms outstretched high, another the dips down only to raise back up. The sole pity of a magnolia tree is that its blooms are so fragile and short-lived. But if you can indeed capture her in the short time she is on display, there is nothing so gorgeous to behold.

The Magnolia Sessions are short series of mini shoots put on during a narrow window time where oversized blooms fill the frame. The drama of this backdrop makes for the perfect opportunity for everything from family shoots to portrait and branding sessions. Limited only by one’s imagination, each magnolia session can be as dressed up and magical as the vision of its subjects. A gem to behold in the spring, it's easily one of our favorites as not only does is it a wonder to see in person, its signals the warm winds to come.


Heather Buono

The claw of the Magnolia, drunk on its own scents, asks nothing of life.