Welcome, Friends!

Hello, from the Rue

I’m so glad you have found us.  Consider discovering the Rue like an extension of your circle.  The beauty to Rockland Rue is not just in the skill, but the diversity of what we can do.  Photography may be our first love but it is certainly not our only.  Whether working with a major brand on a new campaign, or slowing down the pace to capture a local family session, we relish each opportunity.  Capturing moments in a beautiful way is simply one piece to the whole.  Creative direction and styling play an integral role in what makes a good concept & photo, phenomenal.  For those looking to elevate their sessions, Rockland Rue is uniquely positioned to work with you on styling & design.  We love working together to conceive the perfect theme, direction, and style to any concept, through simple clothing choices to overall set design and hand crafted floral creations.  I look forward to connecting with you, discovering your hopes and goals, working together to bring those memories to life through photography.

We work with passion

Heart & Creativity

I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to have been surrounded by creativity in a variety of forms since childhood.  From a mother who restored old homes with her bare hands, a father who as a doctor saw the beauty to the human form, to my cousin who is an internationally known artist & current art director at Ohio University.  These are just a few of the people who have inspired the creativity that lives inside of me.  Its through their love for what they do that has brought out the passion in my own work.  I remember my very first photograph, a time my parents asked me take their photo on a horse back riding trip.  From the very moment I pressed the shutter button I was hooked… this was my art.  Learn more »




The keystone piece to the Rockland Rue brand, photography is at the heart of what we do.  Portraiture is a hallmark of our brand.  Family & Children, Couples, Elopements, Lifestyle & more are just some of our favorites.  Newborn to adult, first birthday to an engagement session, each moment provides us with an amazing opportunity for something beautiful.  Product & Brand photography is another of our specialties.  Working to bring designer products to life through the medium of still photography is some of the most empowering art there is.



Concept, design and execution are perhaps the most difficult pieces to any new campaign launch.  To know exactly how to share your product with the world, to position it in a way that connects with your specific desired demographic, can be uniquely challenging.  Rockland Rue will work with you to conceive the perfect bespoke creative direction to bring campaign assets to life.  Whether you already have an internal art department or simply none at all, seeking fresh eyes with an outside perspective is something Rockland Rue will provide.



Also known as the heavy lifting, producing an entire campaign is no small task.  Already armed with a concept & direction, what you’re seeking is the doer.  This is where Rockland Rue’s production services come in.  We will work to secure the best vendor team possible, align ourselves to a lockstep progression with your vision, becoming mission control on shoot day.  Our goal as producer will be to see that your creative direction, as dictated by you, is executed as flawlessly as possible.  Allow us to be that tool in your toolbox.



Floral design is one of our more outwardly dynamic services.  The beauty to floral design is in its diversity of range, scale and offerings.  From something small and  meaningful like a handcrafted floral crown to a more attention seeking large scale lobby arrangement, Rockland Rue has its own unique floral touch.  While Rockland Rue is not currently serving weddings florally speaking, we are thrilled to bring your intimate floral detail pieces, large scale arrangements, special occasion designs and more into full bloom.